Extend your home

Need more room to move but don’t want to move?

When you love your home but need more space, it comes down to one big decision: should you move or extend your home?

All too often, adding onto your existing home is put in the too hard basket, but it needn’t be. We specialise in house extensions and our seamless, end-to-end design and build process ensures we take care of every step of the project.

There’s nothing hard about that.


Let’s Talk

Whatever your home looks like now, we can extend it to accommodate your changing needs and family demands. We’ll step you through key questions before we begin:

Why do you want to extend?
Which rooms are lacking or too small?
What looks do you love?
How will you use the space afterwards?
Whats your budget?

We’ll then put our heads together, look at the big picture and create your free concept plans. After all, you need to know exactly what your extension is going to look like, right?

Our Experience

If you dread inviting friends around for a meal or would rather go supermarket shopping with hungry kids than stay home, give us a call.

Experts in home extensions and additions, we’ve helped hundreds of families across Auckland into the home they love and are proud to live in.

From an extra bedroom for the kids to a larger living area or parent’s retreat, we’re the experienced Auckland building team you can trust.

Room To Move

Space. It’s not something we think about until we don’t have it. But rather than moving for room, why not build room to move?

We often find cost is a significant factor, with families assuming it will be cheaper to simply move house, but adding onto your home avoids all the selling and moving costs, plus you’ll benefit from increased value at the end of the process.

Call Us First

A great location, great schools, great neighbours and a great home are all reasons to stay put and call us before putting up that for sale sign.

Our team will work with you to identify the most beneficial areas to enlarge or rooms to add.

Together we’ll come up with a detailed Concept Plan that works with your budget and delivers on your dream – that larger home for your family.

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