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Green is the new Gold

Green is the new Gold

While house prices have flattened in some areas, thanks to the Auckland Unitary Plan there may be huge potential in your section.

Many Kiwis these days are looking for smaller, easy-care homes and sections, while you, in turn, could be looking to capitalise on your larger block, especially if the kids have left the nest.

Three Ways to Win

If you’d prefer to hold your property, you can look at adding a minor dwelling. This is the traditional granny flat, but on a new scale using today’s modern building materials and architectural designs. With thought given to how access and privacy is provided, you can quickly turn your backyard into a rental opportunity with a suitable home built and landscaped. Or move into your new minor dwelling and rent out the larger existing house.

For a cash windfall to cut the mortgage or provide funds for another project, subdividing might be the best way to go. Subdividing means sectioning of a portion of your land, creating a separate title and selling off the new site plus any building you add to it.

Or, if your place is older and blocks access to any potential subdivision site, a knock-down and rebuild approach might be the best way forward. With high demand for smaller, easy-care homes, you could transform a larger block into a medium density residential area with townhouses or apartments where your old home once stood.

How do we start?

For busy people, it can be daunting trying to work through the rules and regulations around the Unitary Plan, local council constraints and utility provider restrictions. That’s where we come in. We work with these rules and regulations every day, so we know what’s possible, who to talk to and how the approval process works.

It all begins with a conversation – let’s meet and have a look around your property. We can help advise on your ideas, or give you direction as to what’s possible. From there, it’s really up to you and there’s no obligation. We can cost up a proposal all the way through to designing and building a new minor dwelling or homes on your site, or we can just help you set up a successful land subdivision.

Get in touch today to book your free, initial consultation. You’ve nothing to lose and, quite possibly, everything to gain.


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