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Larger windows, sustainable materials, lower maintenance and a return to traditional wood finishes make the Top 5 exterior trends in this article. It might be American, as well as the house designs featured, but at So Renovate we’re seeing exactly the same demands here in NZ.

Kiwis have always been in touch with timber thanks to our weatherboard and hardwood heritage, but we’re making use of sustainable sources now and demanding as much from our builders.

Larger windows are a must in NZ. With our inclement, changeable weather, being able to stay indoors whilst enjoying the outdoors makes perfect sense. They also allow natural light to flow through. This is essential, especially in winter, to help brighten the mood and freshen our homes, and a big consideration for us when considering home extensions.

Low maintenance is also high on the agenda for today’s busy families and couples. With so many demands on our time, household exterior upkeep is one of those tiresome chores we can do without. Using today’s modern materials we can achieve a timeless look without the regular painting and staining.

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