Warm Up for Winter


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As winter sets in, we start to think of ways to warm our homes. Bringing out the heaters makes short-term sense, but thinking ahead, consider how you might add warming factors to those future renovations.

Heat loss

Stopping the heat escaping is the biggest way to win over winter, especially in those older houses we love so much. Villas and bungalows look fantastic, but leak heat through thin windows and poorly insulated doors and walls. Here, it’s worth spending a little more for a  warmer, more comfortable home that comes with cost savings in terms of lower power bills.

Insulate your home in New Zealand

When opening up walls, or adding extensions, now’s your chance to pack in that extra insulation material and consider double glazing for your windows.

Warm Up The House

As you renovate or extend, opportunities arise to think about more permanent heating systems. Hot water central heating and ducted air conditioning systems are commonplace overseas and are becoming more and more popular in New Zealand as well. These systems passively warm your home, creating a gentle, ambient heat throughout your home – unlike those hot spots traditional heaters and fires create. .

Radiator central heating systems utilise hot water that is piped through your home to radiators located in different rooms. A range of European-designed radiator models and styles is available, so you don’t have to worry about them looking out of place.

Modern homes also employ gas fires for warmth and the comforting glow they create. These hassle-free solutions don’t rely on wood or coal and can be run cleanly throughout the season, creating a stylish statement piece for your home.

SO Renovate Hot Tips

  1. Install insulation in your roof, your walls and under your floor – renovating is the ideal time to carry out this work.
  2. Consider double glazing for warmth in winter and cooling in summer.
  3. Review internal doors and access points during the renovation to put a stop to draughts.
  4. Gas fires are not as draughty as open wood-burning fireplaces.
  5. Think about under-floor heating and ducted heating for ambient, whole-house warmth.

Talk to SO Renovate about warmth and insulation when planning your next renovation project. There’s never a better time to warm up your whole home.


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